Light Your Internal Fire


There is so much more waiting for us to discover about ourselves. You will find that everything you need to be in this present moment is already within you. 


The Ancient and Sacred Teachings of the indigenous peoples of South America, Mesoamerica, and North America offer you the opportunity to receive wisdom. All you have to do is follow the path that takes you to the "Great Within."


Learn to follow your heart. Trust your heart to give you messages before your thinking mind. Listen and pay attention to your heart, now more than ever.


Learn and practice daily breathing using IQ' Mystical Spiritual Breath or Hummingbird Breath. The Hummingbird is the animal nawal of IQ'.

Learn and practice KOYOPA, the Lightning in the Blood that connects us to Source Creator by going through the Inner Cosmic Doorway.​

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Ya'xel The Giver

      by Eduardo Griego Gonzales 


A fictional story about a man who has lost his way in life. When a drive-by shooting in LA shatters his family, he experiences a significant loss. That's when he meets a Mayan Elder, Ya'xel, in a 500-year-old temple in the earth.  Ya'xel guides him back to the Cosmic Doorway in his own heart by introducing him to the Sacred Teachings of the Maya and Olmec. 

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Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij