Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij

Eduardo became interested in the Maya Prophecies and Olmec teachings when he had an encounter with a White Wolf in Chimayo, New Mexico, in 1991. After this experience, he began receiving messages about the Maya prophecies and teachings. Later, Eduardo learned that this kind of natural skill is called KOYOPA, according to the ancient writings of the K’iche Maya. Over the next 20 years, he compiled much of his understanding about the Maya science from his two teachers, Tat José Coutiño and Sacerdotiza Carla Cofiño of Antigua, Guatemala.


He initiated as a Counter of the Days, Ajq’ij, on el Camino del Fuego of the K’iche Maya in 2001 after walking the Water Path the year before. This website contains much of what he learned over the years in the sacred teachings of the Maya and other Indigenous Elders, and how we can apply these teachings to our present-day lives.


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Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij