Koyopa is a K'iche Maya word that means lightning bolts over mountains or lakes; sky serpents; the soul; lightning in the blood to receive supernatural messages.
Eileen Meyer has been a student of Maya teachings and the Chol Q'ij for the last 15 years and has been practicing Koyopa.
In my opinion, she has mastered this Sacred tool to connect to Source and I feel that she has helped me and others to learn and use Koyopa. Eileen has also been recording the Supernatural Messages that come through Koyopa meditation.
I have received many questions from people who want to know more about Koyopa and I forwarded them to Eileen. The video below is her response to the questions I felt were the most appropriate for using Koyopa in our present-day lives.
          Eduardo Griego Gonzales
The Koyopa Process is an emotional-awareness tool given to Eileen through downloads in her contact experiences with nonhuman intelligence. When she followed the practice, it opened up conscious doorways to connect with the multidimensional Source Field that all human beings are originally wired to do. This was a pivotal point in her lifelong interactions with this Presence, whereby she was given an empowering way to initiate an inner dialogue, instead of feeling that we can only wait to receive guidance.
Communication is only one aspect of the Koyopa Process. By engaging in this inner dialogue we restore our connection to our own multi-dimensional selves. It is then that we may anchor and embody wholeness, which she is informed, is the most accelerated way that we may expand our perception and simultaneously transcend the limited 3D reality we find ourselves looping within. The fundamental intention is to reactivate the serpent (goddess) energy in the core of our being, so that we may restore our Divinely Feminine/Masculine, natural state. And this is the balanced state that re-harmonizes with the Earth and the cosmos, and directly transforms our experience of the world “out there.” The shift begins within our own consciousness. In this current portal between worlds, we have never been more empowered to consciously engage with “the More” of who we are.
Koyopa Process Q&A - Eileen Meyer
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Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij