Olmec and Maya Sacred Teachings for Living Now

by Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij

This video discusses the ancient teachings of the Chol Q'ij or Sacred Calendar that we can apply to our present-day lives.


Included there is information about the sacred fire ceremony, the twenty sacred glyphs and tones of the Chol Q'ij, and how, when sounded, can help balance our body, mind, and spirit.


Eduardo also discusses IQ' – The Hummingbird Breathing technique called Mystical Spiritual Breathing and gives a short demonstration of this method. IQ' is one of the sacred glyphs, and he talks about this breathing technique, in the teachings of the Chol Q'ij, the Sacred Calendar that has been passed down through the ages by the Olmec and K'iche Maya.

Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij